The Deep Dive for Policymakers into Media and Information Literacy MOOC

February 15, 2023

Welcome to the Deep Dive for Policymakers into Media and Information Literacy MOOC! This pioneering course is specifically designed for policymakers who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of how ensuring Media and Information Literacy for all contributes to sustainable development.

This course is therefore ideal for policymakersgovernment officialstechnocratsmanagersheads/executives of private or public institutions, and duty bearers in general.  

The groundbreaking Deep Dive for Policymakers into Media and Information Literacy MOOC is offered by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and the United Nations University with the support of UNESCO.

UNESCO has been a driving force behind the development of Media and Information Literacy initiatives, policies, frameworks and guidelines. 

The Deep Dive for Policymakers into Media and Information Literacy MOOC covers multiple perspectives and raises awareness among policymakers, and in turn the general public, as to how Media and Information Literacy addresses the promotion of democratic values, fostering intercultural dialogue and countering disinformation and hate speech.

Table of content

Module 1: An Invitation to MIL

Module 2: MIL Policies and Strategies

Module 3: Mainstreaming MIL in General Policy Development 

Module 4: Practice & Experience

Course organization: Six weeks of study

1. Videos. Each lecture has a set of videos from leading presenters and from invited experts. The course is divided in four modules and 14 lectures.

2. Readings. In most lectures, you will find basic readings and complementary resources.

3. Activities. In some lectures, you will find activities that are designed to address the learning outcomes of the lecture in which they are presented.

4. Assessable exercises. There is an assessment quiz about the videos at the end of each week. If you want to pass the course you must pass all the quizzes in the course. You will find more details about the assessment and other logistic questions about the questionnaires in the Evaluation section.

5. Evaluation. The evaluation of the course is based on quizzes. At the end of each week, you will find its quiz.

Learning objectives

  • Get familiar with Media and Information Literacy, the concept and its importance.
  • Learn about the origins of MIL within the broader context of literacy.
  • Identify and relate the diverse terminologies related to MIL.
  • Learn the importance of MIL in society for a healthy democracy and sustainable development.
  • Be familiar with MIL competencies and dimensions of multiple frameworks.
  • Understand the importance of key organizations and contextualize MIL interventions since 1982.
  • Reflect of the different agendas and orientations on MIL policies.
  • Recognize the important shifts in MIL history.

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