The Tahina-Can Expedition and Rift-Valley Expeditions donate more than 600 kg of school supplies to an Ethiopian village | Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación (UAB)

April 24, 2024

The Tahina-Can Expedition travelled to Ethiopia in 2023. In this African destination, its members immersed themselves in a project with the travel agency Rift-Valley Expeditions and its NGO Across-Africa. The objective: to donate study materials to a school. The initiative ended in March with the donation of more than 600 kg of stationery, pens and pencils.

The project was based on raising funds, which resulted in more than 2,400 euros. With the money, the items were bought and given to a school in the Rate Kebele village in the south of the country. In total, there have been more than 600 kg of material. This March, the delivery took place in a ceremony with the participation of Mr. Henok, head of the Omorate district council, and Mr. Tesfayesus, Worda’s education coordinator.

Across Africa has managed the funds raised from Spain through the Migranodearena platform dedicated to solidarity objectives. The members of the Expedition made the first contribution, followed by the agency’s clients and collaborators of the three organisations. Once the money was collected, it was sent to the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. In the country’s main city, books, pencils and pens were purchased. The distance from the capital to Omorate, the region where the school is located, is an estimated 785 kilometres, the same distance that the school materials travelled to reach the children of the Dassanech tribe. The aim is to help them attend school and combat the lack of resources.

This donation has its predecessor in September 2023, when the members of Expedition Tahina-Can made a contribution of economic material to the educational centre. After being thanked by the president of Rate Kebele, Mr. Sela, and the director of Rate primary school, Mr. Teshome, as well as the school community, the idea of continuing with the project was raised.

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