CrAL – Creative Audiovisual Lab for the promotion of critical thinking and media literacy | Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación (UAB)


CrAL, Creative Audiovisual Lab for the promotion of critical thinking and media literacy, is an initiative of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), together with six European institutions. The project aims to equip the educational community with the necessary tools to combat the insufficient media literacy that exists, cultivate students’ critical thinking and help them understand the responsibility and power of their voice.

CrAL will target young people aged 14-19 to reinterpret and lead the production of audiovisual content. Secondary school teachers and trainers working in non-formal settings will be taught how to educate their students in reading, writing and creative audiovisual production to improve their media literacy and critical thinking skills. Parents and community members will also be involved in the project as active protagonists, in order to maximise the impact of CrAL at local, national and European level.

At UAB, the research is led by Santiago Tejedor, director of the Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación. This creative audiovisual laboratory is based on the methodology of creative audiovisual reading and writing, which has already been tested in secondary schools in Italy by the Central Institute of Sound and Audiovisual Assets (ICBSA) of the Italian Ministry of Culture.

The project will benefit from this experience, adapt it and extend it to four other countries: Spain, Greece, Croatia and Lithuania

CrAL is a project funded by Erasmus+ EACEA/34/2019: Social inclusion and common values. It will last for three years and, in addition to the UAB, it has the participation of ALL DIGITAL, (Belgium), EGInA (Italy), Istituto Centrale per I Beni Sonori e Audiovisivi (Italy), Hellenic Open University (Greece), Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka (Croatia) and Association Langas į ateitį (Lithuania).

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