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The INFO/EDU project: Collaborative ecosystem of informative audiovisual resources for education, is a research project that is part of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2017-2020 within the Challenge “Social changes and innovations”.

The research aims to develop, test and validate a technological platform capable of adapting to educational uses and effectively distributing content among the different actors in the system. It will also seek to enhance personalisation and cooperation in production by the user community.

Info/Edu emphasises innovation in secondary schools, and will focus on the use of current audiovisual news content produced by television stations.

More than 300 videos of high thematic and visual quality, free access and easy navigation is the formula that characterises the Info/Edu platform. The portal offers students a current and plural learning experience, allowing them to explore the best content from the most experienced television channels in Ibero-America, such as Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española ( and the Asociación de Televisiones Educativas y Culturales Iberoamericanas (ATEI).

Each student can find on the platform the content that best suits their educational level (primary, secondary, high school and university), their age (children, teenagers, adults), and the subject they are studying (Natural and Social Sciences, History of Art and Spanish Language and Literature). In addition, you can filter the contents depending on the subject (from Big Data, DNA, ecology, surrealist art, Charles Darwin, Coronavirus, etc) and the purpose of the content (for a project, class or for study). 

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