Tahina-Can Expedition | Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación (UAB)


The Tahina-Can Expedition, awarded as the best educational project in Spain, is an initiative of the Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) aimed at promoting the interest of the university community in the culture and customs of the country visited.

It is a project that was created with the intention of establishing close ties of cooperation between Spanish university students and students, institutions and the media of the countries to which they travel. In this sense, the participants will be able to get to know other socio-cultural realities, witness the functioning of the media of the country visited, participate in the development of cooperation projects, exchange opinions and concerns, etc.

This is an annual initiative that travels each summer to one or more countries, studying the particularities of the cultural and media scene in each of them.

The project aims to establish a new concept of ‘travel’ which, without eliminating the typical aspects of tourist itineraries (leisure, entertainment, rest, etc.), gives special importance to commitment, understanding and analysis of the country visited.

Throughout the trip, participants will follow an academic programme (prepared in advance with the advice of teachers, journalists and media professionals from the country of destination) that will allow them to get the most out of their trip. The planned activities include: talks and colloquiums on aspects related to current affairs in the country visited, interviews with media professionals, preparation of reports or other types of journalistic products, etc.

The expedition members carry out their work divided into Press (Chronicles and Reports), Television, Radio and Photography work teams (see the ‘Galleries’ section to access different photographic collections of the initiatives promoted).

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