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Young Journalists is a network of young people who aim to create an alternative form of journalism: it proposes a young and intercultural approach to the problems of our societies. The network is made up of young people from Spain, Brazil, Jamaica, Morocco, China, Australia, the United States and Egypt, but we aspire to integrate young people with similar concerns from other parts of the world.

The network was created in the framework of the MILID Week Egypt Congress on 25 April 2013. The aim of the meeting was to create “a space to communicate, share and change the agenda of mainstream media”. Twenty young working journalists, researchers and students from different countries in the Arab world (Afghanistan, Egypt, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, etc.) participated in this first meeting.

The UNESCO Platform of Young Journalists was consolidated in June 2013, in Barcelona, in the framework of the MILID Summer School. The online platform was launched there.

More than fifty students from different continents worked on the creation of content for this new platform, which addresses issues of international interest from the perspective of young journalists.

Organised in radio, web, television and press production teams, the students developed various news pieces, interviews, debates, reports on politics, culture and topics of interest to the network itself. 

Among the issues addressed in this first week of production were freedom of expression and social movements (a much-debated topic during the MILID Summer School plenary sessions) and violence in sports, among others.

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